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Ontharde 8mm het Glascomités van Doucheenclosuretempered Ruit

Plaats van herkomst China
Certificering EN12150 CCC
Modelnummer Aangemaakte Glascomités
Min. bestelaantal 3 vierkante Meter/Vierkante Meters aangemaakt glas
Prijs negotiation
Verpakking Details Overzeese waardige houten kratten
Levering vermogen 200 Stuk/Stukken per Dag
Productnaam Aangemaakte Glascomités Materiaal Vlotterglas
Kleur Duidelijk, Groen, Blauw, Grijs, Brons Proces Duidelijk Glas, Aangemaakt Glas
Vorm Vlakke kromme, Rand Veiligheidsrand of als uw vraag
Functie Het decoratieve Glas, verwarmt Weerspiegelend Glas Dikte 319mm
Hoog licht

Comités van het douche maakten Bijlage Aangemaakte Glas


8mm glasruit


de ontharde panelen van de veiligheidsbril aan

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8mm Custom Cut Tempered Glass for Shower Screen Door / Shower Enclosure Glass Door
About Tempered Glass Panels:

Tempered glass is made by uniformly heating annealed glass to a temperature of up to 700°C and immediately cooling it. The glass first goes through the furnace, carried in by rollers, where it is heated using three modes - conduction, convection and radiation. The rollers conduct the heat, while the coils help in the radiation of heat. The convection effect is brought about by hot air blowing through the nozzles, thus circulating the heat inside the furnace and making sure that the glass is heated evenly on all sides. This super heated glass then undergoes a rapid cooling process by a uniform and simultaneous blast of air on both surfaces.

After tempering, the stress pattern developed by the glass is high, and the mechanical strength of tempered glass is four to five times higher than that of annealed glass.

Mechanical Strength of Tempered Glass = 4 x Mechanical strength of Annealed Glass

When tempered glass is broken, all the stored energy is released at once and the glass breaks into small pieces.

Ontharde 8mm het Glascomités van Doucheenclosuretempered Ruit 0


Specification of Tempered Glass Panels:

Product Name 8mm Custom Cut Tempered Glass for Shower Screen Door / Shower Enclosure Glass Door
Raw Material Clear Glass, Ultra Clear (Low Iron) Glass, Tinted Glass
Glass Process Heat treatment or Chemical treatment
Glass Color Clear, Blue, Green, Bronze, Grey and etc
Thickness 2.1 mm - 19 mm
Max dimension 3660 x 2440 mm
Min dimension 20 x 20 mm
Glass Shape Flat or Curved / Bent
Fragment (Area 5*5cm) T<=3mm, Fragment>=30 PCS; 4mm<=T<=12mm, Fragment>=40 PCS
Shock resistance 5~7 times of annealed glass
Heat resistance Thermal shock at about 300℃
Withstand pressure 3~5 times of annealed glass
Holes or cutout Drawing or sketch is needed
Printing Available per request


Advantage of Tempered Glass Panels:

  • Tempered glass can be clear, frosted, engraved, stained, and patterned. It’s available in an array of patterns and designs to suit your needs.
  • Tempered glass is much more stronger than ordinary glass. It can stand up to strong winds, direct impact from blows and bumps, and minor explosions.
  • Tempered glass has property of high temperature resistant, which makes tempered glass ideal for use in kitchen appliances and in areas like the bathroom, where it will likely be in contact with the heat on a regular basis.
  • Tempering process makes tempered glass super tough, it doesn’t affect the clarity of the glass. Tempered glass is crystal clear and transparent, which makes it useful in windows, display cases, and glass doors.
  • Tempered glass can be used practically anywhere glass is needed. It makes for an attractive and sturdy frameless shower door, a fully transparent screen protector, and a seamless stovetop base.
  • The manufacturing process that makes tempered glass thermally tough also makes it scratch-resistant. This makes tempered glass an ideal material for glass doors, kitchen appliances, mobile screen protectors, and windows.


Applications of Tempered Glass Panels:

1. Tempered glass is used in stoves, ovens, and other kitchen appliances that need heat resistance glass.
2. Tempered glass is used in construction of house: shower door glass, window glass, bathtub enclosure glass, sliding door glass, skylights glass, glass facades, elevator glass, swimming pool glass fence, and glass balcony doors.
3. The office room partitions are made of tempered glass, so that it will not cause injury when an employee bumps into and accidentally break them.
4. The glass railings in offices, department stores, commercial and public spaces are made of tempered glass for safety.
5. With the characteristic of heat resistance and scratches resistance, tempered glass is often used to make conference tables, kitchen countertops, reception desks, coffee tables, and other types of furniture.
6. The thermal strength, heat resistance, and durability of tempered glass make it the ideal material for solar panels glass cover.



Q1: How can we get detailed price?
-- Please provide us product thickness, size & qty, which will help us calculate costs for you.

-- CIF price is also available if destination port is provided.

Q2: How about sample and freight cost?

-- In general, we provide free samples, customers take freight cost.

Q3: How long is the production lead time for mass order?
-- It will take about 1~3 weeks, depends on product complexity & order quantity.

Q4: How do you control product quality?
-- Clearly understand customers’ product requirements;

-- To transfer customers requirements to internal product documents;

-- Complete quality assurance system from IQC to OQC. Outgoing inspection record is available for each order.

Q5: What about the payment?

-- T/T, L/C, Ali Trade Assurance, Western Union.

Q6: What about the after-sales service?
-- Normally we response within 4 hours, by email or WhatsApp or Wechat etc;


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